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David Nieker has been called “a guy who looks like a Jew and, at the same time, the guy they send to murder all the Jews.” He’s a big scary monster and a real human being. A fast learner, but a late bloomer. His comedy catches him between the way it is and the way he thinks it should be. He’s under attack, but he’s fighting back—with his words.


      •   Jimmy Kimmel Live

      •   Rooftop Comedy Channel

      •   SeeSo TV
      •   2016 HIGHlarious Comedy Festival

      •   2016 Ventura Comedy Festival

      •   2015 Laughlin Laugh Festival

      •   2015 Redwood Comedy Festival

      •   2015 San Diego Comedy Festival

      •   2015 World Series of Comedy

      •   2014 Sacramento Comedy Festival

      •   2014 Burbank Comedy Festival

      •   2014 Black Box Comedy Festival

      •   2013 Salt Lake City Comedy Carnivale



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